Halo sport

Halo Sport is the first neurostimulator designed specifically for physical activity, whether it’s lifting weights, playing an instrument, or anything else to do with strength, endurance, and skill. This device helps users improve control for the brain and activates the muscles they need for the specific activity. Additionally, they are pretty much just like a regular pair of headphones.

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Customer Reviews
General customer reviews comment on fantastic potential, it’s great usage in regular workouts, and sound quality.

“I bought this for a Father’s Day present and have used it with pretty much every workout I’ve done since then. I feel naked working out without it. Particularly with pre-workout DNS activation sequences I feel much more synced which drastically improves efficiency and stimulation for the workout. At this point I can’t imagine not having one going forward.” 

Cost: $399
The device is a bit on the costly side, but the cost is well-deserved considering the slick design and portability it offers (jogging isn’t something you can do with most tDCS devices), not to mention the positive effects it yields. So to sum up the cost factor, all good things come at a price, and what a good thing Halo Sport is!

Ease of Use
Halo Sport is a seamless headset device designed to make tDCS neurostimulation accessible and simple for everyone. Built in primers make Neuropriming as simple as can be, and the app helps with reminders, tracking, and offers brain training tips. No need for odd dials, readings, and confusion – it’s all included in a regular headset.

Features/Accessories provided
The uniqueness in the Halo Sport headset lies in the fact that all features and accessories are built into the headset, there’s no need for a huge bundle of separate tools and knick-knacks to aid in your brain stimulation experience – just the headset and the Halo Sport app. The integrated Bluetooth audio makes for an entirely wireless experience and these high-end headphones provide leveraged sound quality.

Delivery/Customer Service
Halo Sport encourages people to purchase the device. They ship free anywhere in the US, whereas international shipping is $49. They also have a 30-day trial where you can send back the device for free if you don’t see results, and a 12-month warranty. There is a support box for questions as well as an entire section where you can ask detailed questions and expect a detailed reply.


  • Comes with a free app
  • Seamless and easy-to-use
  • Extremely portable/entirely wireless
  • Designed specifically for physical activity


  • Slightly expensive for the average person
  • Large difference in effectiveness between many people

About Halo Neuroscience
Halo Neuroscience focuses on championing human potential. Before Halo Sport, the founders had spent over 10 years developing a closed-loop neurostimulator to treat epilepsy that was approved by the FDA.

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