Super Specific Devices 12-24v Device Review

The 12-24v Device is a unique looking tDCS device that allows users to purchase a full kit or just the device itself. The device has several top-notch features that ensure for a professional and smooth-sailing experience.

General customer rating:
Features/Accessories Provided:
Delivery/Customer Service:

Customer Reviews
General customer reviews comment on the ease of use of this tDCS device, as well as the sheer number of features and the level of detail kept in mind when the device was created. Plenty of positive reviews about incredible customer service as well:

“They have quality with the user in mind with their large and spaced out amperage meter with 10 notch lines per number which allows for better control and fine tuning of the exact incremental amperage you like.
We also liked the flip switch and smooth turning adjustment knob with perfect tension to set and go with your session. The build quality is superior, durable and aesthetically pleasing.”

Cost $119.99
The device is on the more affordable side
of tDCS devices. For $119.99 ($$134.97 for full kit), the device is crafted with
precision and is provided to create a positive tDCS experience. The features
offered makes the device just that more worth it –for example, a Reverse
Polarity Protection Diode and 12volt A23 batteries included (rare in most tDCS

Ease of Use
The array of features that contribute to
ease of use with this device include a continuously variable current control
knob that allows you to easily set your preferred target current, and in the
complete kit, the SSD rust-free sponge electrodes, lead wire, and headband –
everything you need to get started on your tDCS journey.

Features & Accessories provided
In addition to the Reverse Polarity
Protection Diode, and the continuously variable current control knob mentioned
in previous sections, the device also features dual LM334Z current regulators,
2 selectable fixed voltages, a power indicating LED and on/off toggle switch, a
calibrated analog mA meter with an accurate 3mA scale, and a 60” lead wire. The
clear faceplate is also a big attraction for purchasers.

Delivery & Customer Service
Customer service is said to be very responsive,
as they provide not just socials and an email, but they go the extra mile by
offering skype calls or video sessions by appointment. They return all calls
within the same day or within the next business day. On the website, several
FAQs are displayed on the homepage, as well as a getting started/tDCS community
for resources.

Summary & Overall

  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy to use, straight-forward controls
  • Array of features
  • Affordability


  • No device specific instructions/manual

About SuperSpecificDevices
SuperSpecificDevices design, build, and sell commercial tDCS devices, targeted at the general population. Their innovative, compact devices and website attract many customers looking for a personalized and informed tDCS experience.

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