TransCranial Technologies Stimulator

The TransCranial brain stimulator is used by Doctors, End-Users, and University-Researchers. This device comes in a clinical format and research format. This unique, modern, and seamless device is designed with comfort in mind.

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Cost $389
This tDCS device costs $389 for the clinical version, and a significant $880 for the research version, which is extremely high for the market. With the compact size, modern aesthetics, and ease-of-use qualities, it is clearly worth the cost if you are using the device in professional settings.
If not, it would be recommended to find more commercial tDCS devices for personal use.

Ease of Use
This device comes with a continuous monitoring feature that tracks electrode resistance in order to detect insufficient skin contact. If detected, the device automatically switches off the session to prevent damage to the skin or injury. This small device is portable and only weighs a mere 350 grams.

Features & Accessories provided
Very minimal device that comes with 3 sponge electrodes with a conductive rubber inset, electrode cables, neoprene straps for accurate electrode positioning, and the device itself. In terms of settings, it provides settings from 0.5 to 2mA in 0.1mA increments, as well as a countdown clock display for sessions up to 30 minutes.
The continuous monitoring feature and display makes the device extremely visual. Each device comes with a calibration certificate, which ensures customers know that these devices are well-tested before placed on the market.

Delivery & Customer Service
The website includes a physical address of the company’s location and a contact form. There is also a section on the website called “Manuals”, which presents simple and easy-to-follow video instructions for using the tDCS device – this includes the 10/20 system positioning protocol, the tDCS montage reference, and the general manual.

Summary & Overall

  • Device used in clinical and research settings
  • Extremely compact
  • Minimalist, simplistic device


  • No customer feedback/testimonies
  • More difficult to use if for personal use

About TCT Research
TCT research is committed to care and innovation, and has claimed to set a benchmark for reliability, excellence, and safety in the tDCS equipment realm.

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