BrainTap Headset Review

The BrainTap Headset uses brainwave entrainment technology. It is a first-mover in using visualization processes in combination with technology to help users relax and recharge while achieving peak brain performance. 1,800 guided-audio programs and a portable and easy-to-use device helps people reach their full potential and reap the benefits of meditation. They are also the winner of the Health Magazine Sleep Award 2020.

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Customer Reviews
There are several customer reviews you can read and watch on YouTube and on sites that sell the headset. (Meditation & Mindfulness): “Using a series of sounds and pulsing lights, BrainTap provides you with a quicker and easier route to better relaxation.”
“With BrainTap, the process of visualization is made even more effective thanks to the brainwave entrainment through BrainTap technology…All you have to do is dip yourself entirely in the experience instead of creating it.”

User: “I love BrainTap. I can’t imagine traveling as much as I do without it. It’s the perfect power nap. Afterwards I feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. Even if I don’t have my headset with me I listen to the app to help me rest and get me ready to help me perform mentally. This technology is a game changer!”
Reviews generally focus on the headset’s ease-of-use and multi-function capabilities and possibilities.

The BrainTap Headset costs $797.00 for a yearly subscription + headset, which demonstrates it as one of the pricier brainwave technologies on the market. BrainTap also sells the headset in bundles including audio subscriptions to several programs. For example, the Sleep Rx focuses on the exclusive Wake-Up and Go-to-Sleep programs at a subscription of $29.99/month.

Ease of Use
Wearing the headset for just 22 minutes will provide you deep relaxation, reinforce the important information your brain needs for better memory and brain power, reduces stress, and improves emotional stability. With just the headset and downloading audio files on your digital audio device, you can seamlessly reap all the benefits of the BrainTap headset.

Purchase of the headset comes with the headset, LED-equipped earphones and the attached visor, a standard USB charger, audio cord, user manual, carrying case for portability, and the Founder’s Choice program found on the BrainTap Pro App. The accessories are quite basic, but that’s because the technology is complex. The science works by enhancing production of all the necessary neurotransmitters needed for optimal brain and body function. Their exclusive technology joins sound, music, and spoken word to provide all the benefits of meditation without the trouble of disciplined effort.
Each BrainTap session isn’t just a mere audio file like meditation apps offer out there, as they’re encoded to ensure your brain forms new neural connections.
BrainTap uses four elements: binaural beats, guided visualization, 10-cycle holographic music, and isochronic tones, to power their technology.

Delivery/Customer Service
BrainTap is active on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest, and can be contacted through their online hour chat bot, phone number, and email. Currently, they have an offer for $250 off and free shipping in the US. The Bluetooth headset has a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty, while the original model has a 90-day one. They also provide a 14-day money back guarantee and a 14-day return policy on all other products or equipment.




    • Many scientific technologies in one headset
    • Portable and easy-to-use
    • Great customer reviews



    • Expensive to purchase
    • Unclear shipping information and fees
    • Must purchase audios separately

About BrainTap
BrainTap was created by Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D. With a team of scientists and mindfulness experts, he took the relaxation method his father taught him at a young age and eventually created a new brainwave entrainment technology.

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