NeuroMyst Pro Review

From the card that comes with the device, Neuromyst is a self-proclaimed “bunch of geeks that specialize in hardware and neuroscience”. It’s an up-and-coming small business that designs neurotech that fits in your hand. Their devices are all designed, assembled, and tested in America.

The NeuroMyst Pro device comes neatly packaged in a nice, compact hard shell carrying case with mesh pockets on the inside. This makes it great for travel, or anytime you’re on the go. The company says it’s a wearable wellness device that delivers electrical current. They also specify it is NOT a medical device and is only intended for encouraging a general healthy state/lifestyle.

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Using the Device
When it came to putting the device to work, there were a few bumps in the road. I made my saline solution and prepped the electrodes, but then I had to figure out the rest myself (where goes what) unless I watched their tutorials. However, they are a new company, and I’ve heard they’re still optimizing their guidebooks.

Once I decided on the Smile/Zen protocol, I placed the electrodes in the right place and assumed they would be held in place with the headband and put that on. The headband is wide and stretchy, able to conceal the disks and keep them in place. I did a 15-minute tDCS session at 1.00mA. I loved the interface on the screen and how it showed a gradual ramp up and ramp down in electricity to ease you into the session. It helped me know what to expect.

The experience was relaxing and immediately encouraged me to use the device again. I felt sharper and like my spirits were lifted. I was left curious to see what the other protocols would result in and I was already planning my next session.
The device seems difficult to use at first, but then after using it just once – everything is smooth-sailing.

Cost & Delivery

At $149.99, the NeuroMyst Pro is a no-brainer if you’re looking to buy a tDCS and tACS all-in-one device. The pricing doesn’t get much better than that. It also delivered quickly within a few days, so I wasn’t left waiting for long.

The kit contents consist of the following:

    • Electronic components
        • Charging cable
        • NeuroMyst Pro
        • Electrode connector


    • Sponge electrodes
        • 4 sponges
        • 2 electrodes
        • 2 sponge cases


    • Accessories
        • Headband
        • Quick setup booklet


I feel like one of the biggest barriers to entry for these devices can be ease-of-use. Some of these wearable tDCS devices have a complicated look and feel with traditional electrodes, while others are less intimidating headsets that are compatible with your phone.

While NeuroMyst went the traditional electrode route, they make it much more seamless with their easy-to-read booklet. There are images and diagrams, and everything is outlined in plain English step-by-step.

There’s even a section that demonstrates a few different protocols of electrodes, so you’re not completely lost and have to look it up online. The “Learn the Lingo” page is also helpful, teaching beginners the must-knows of tDCS in a simple format. And not to mention the QR codes on each page that lead to YouTube links for detailed visual tutorials.

The site lists a few essential modern features such as up to 5hr use per charge, color display for day and nighttime use, portability, standard and powerful dosing, and more.

Pros and Cons


    • Includes both tDCS and tACS – most devices are one or the other, so this nifty device doesn’t require you to buy both
    • It shows voltage values and has a simple interface
    • You can increase the current in increments of 0.1ma from 0ma to 4ma
    • There is a ramp-up and ramp-down feature during sessions
    • A rechargeable battery is included
    • Instructional videos included
    • Affordable compared to other devices on the market


    • Wires fall in front of the face
    • The booklet is not the most informative when it comes to the setup process
    • Not the sleekest or easy-to-wear device


Customer Reviews
A happy customer on Amazon said:

“I am a neuroscientist specializing in human neurophysiology of attention and consciousness. I bought the Neuromyst pro to get a feel for what it’s like to experience brain stimulation prerequisite to designing lab experiments on brain stimulation and meditation. The device is really well engineered. I had no problems with it. I like that it offers both direct and alternating current stimulation. I think that it is priced really well. If it had an output with a timing signal, and a means of synchronizing the stimulation from several devices, I could use it in formal research studies.”

Another Amazon customer titled her review “Bye-Bye Blues” and talked about how the company’s instructional videos felt cold as they didn’t include live human beings. She reached out to NeuroMyst and discovered that they are “very nice, well-meaning humans who intend to make their user materials more user-friendly.” That human connection encouraged her to give them a try.

She goes on to say: “The product comes with pre-set protocols. Being cautious, I simply tried the first one, “Smile/Zen.” Sounds good, right? Well, it worked! Before starting it, I had a bad case of December blues. Within one week of daily “Smile/Zen” sessions I found myself completely undepressed.

I do the 20-minute protocol every day while eating my breakfast and playing the NYTImes Spelling Bee. Most of the time I don’t feel a thing; once in a while there’s a little tingling. But it never hurts. I even walk around in the middle of a session with the device in my pocket. SO much more convenient than TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) treatment and much more effective – and cost-effective – than a home neurofeedback machine. Well worth the investment!”

Final Verdict
Overall, I commend NeuroMyst for making a traditional tDCS device that is easy to use and encourages me to keep using it. Although there are downsides, such as that it isn’t a modern headband or headset that can be worn comfortably, it is undoutedly an affordable and worthwhile device to buy.

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