Flow tDCS Headset Review

Let us introduce the Flow tDCS headset and depression treatment.

The Flow headset is the only CE certified, at home, tDCS headset and companion app treatment. Empowering those diagnosed with depression, Flow combines a behavioural therapy app and a remote headset treatment which allows for autonomy and flexibility. Utilising proven technology and revolutionary solutions, 81% of users feel improvement of their symptoms in three weeks. Available across 30 countries in the EU and UK. Created by psychologists and neuroscientists to innovate a solution both for users and doctors to help provide a holistic and complementary alternative to in-person talk therapy or antidepressants with the same efficacy and less severe side effects.


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Delivery/Customer Service:

Testimonials: Customers & Clinics
There are a range of customer testimonials for Flow which are highly positive that can be seen here. As well as some in-depth customer experiences on their YouTube, here’s a teaser

As well as having strong customer reviews, Flow also has backing by doctors and clinicians as part of their practice, read more here. With Sophia Frangou, MD PhD explaining:
“Home-based, on-demand treatment that is safe and evidence-based, as that provided by Flow Neuroscience, is a major step forward in meeting the clinical needs of patients with depression.” 

When looking across the range of reviews, customers tend to highlight that the headset brings improvement to their symptoms whether they are continuing with medication, therapy or have decided to use Flow alone.

The therapy app is noted as being a good source of education and providing structural routine alongside the effects of the stimulation sessions.


The headset can be purchased for a one time fee of €459(£399) or for a monthly subscription cost of €34 p.m for 12 months including VAT. For this, Flow provides you with the headset, pads and a box of extra refill pads.
Whilst the device has a high up-front cost, when taking into account the portability innovation, the positive reviews and the data analysis, it is worth it – especially with the option for a monthly payment plan as an alternative.

To use Flow is very simple with a recommended 6 week treatment programme which consists of 18 stimulation sessions of 30mins each. All you need to do is sit back, relax and be stimulated whilst following the app if you want an extra benefit of behavioural therapy education.

After the 6 weeks, Flow recommends stimulating twice a week to prevent relapses and keep symptom improvement stabilised.
The headset works by delivering low level electrical signals to the DLPFC (dorsolateral prefrontal cortex) which has been scientifically proven to have lower activity when you present depressive symptoms.

The companion app is based on cognitive behavioural therapy and designed by certified clinical psychologists, which helps to keep you on track with your lifestyle and routines. Providing exercises on depression and diet, exercise, sleep, meditation and more – you’ll find both the psychological and physiological benefits of the flow device which results in maximum symptom improvement.


Product and accessories
The Flow headset is delivered in a sleek blue box with a headset and pads for 20 treatment sessions.
Alongside this, there is a MicroUSB charger, instruction manual and pad holder rings.

The Flow app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play or AppStore for anyone interested in behavioural therapy techniques. As a medically certified device, all components are rigorously audited, tested and manufactured for safety and the treatment of depression.

Delivery and Customer Service
Flow is available throughout the EU, UK, Switzerland, Norway and Hong Kong with express delivery taking ~2/3 working days and standard delivering taking 7 working days. To provide an extra guarantee, Flow has a 30 day money back guarantee to provide a refund for anyone that the device doesn’t work for.
For customer service, Flow provides a support email, live chat and extensive FAQ information on their website.
They also regularly update their
social media channels with news and you can subscribe to receive their newsletters.



  • Remote access and minimalist aesthetic
  • Pay per month option
  • Includes app developed by psychologists


  • Expensive

Company history
Flow Neuroscience was founded in 2016 in Malmo, Sweden as the brainchild of clinical psychologist Daniel Mansson and neuroscientist Erik Rehn, to develop revolutionary solutions in the field of mental health.
Utilising expertise from psychiatry, brain stimulation, neuroscience and machine learning, Mansson and Rehn had a vision to combine innovation with traditional science and healthcare to empower mental health on a global scale.

Flow is the first solution of the neurotech company and is the only, medically approved at home brain stimulation treatment for depression. Based on the proven technology of tDCS, the Flow headset alleviates the symptoms of depression on average 30% in 6 weeks* and is combined with a therapy app which empowers and motivates individuals to self-manage their treatment with less severe side effects than alternatives.
Building the gateway for the healthcare system to close the treatment gap and for patients to improve their mental health digitally Flow enables a new wave of treatment. Looking to the future, Flow Neuroscience will continue to create disruptive mental health tools to increase accessibility and medication-free options.

Company ID

website: flowneuroscience.com

Email: info@flowneuroscience.com

Phone: 556873-9634

Address: Södra Förstadsgatan 2, 211 43 Malmö, Sweden

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