NeoRhythm by OmniPEMF

The NeoRhythm device is a medical-grade wearable technology that is perfect for home use. It is considered the first neurostimulation device of its kind – a “pulsed electromagnetic device” using PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) technology.

PEMF technology is known to synchronize with the brain in order to help users achieve optimal state of mind and mental wellbeing. This user-friendly device aims to fit all sorts of lifestyles and can offer a multitude of benefits such as improved sleep, focus, and energy, as well as pain control, relaxation, and aid for meditation.

Features/Accessories Provided:
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Customer Reviews
Customer reviews are abundant, as NeoRhythm was on IndieGogo with the top 1% crowdfunding campaign with 5000 backers from 100 countries.

User: “So far, the only thing I can report on is the sleep function: it really works! Since I’ve been using NeoRhythm, I can’t even remember where I put my sleeping pills, and don’t care.”
User: “I’ve been practicing yoga for 15 years and NeoRhythm is the only device that can get me on a deeper level.”

Tech Shout: “Now, you can manage your pain safely – without pills and medication by using headbands like NeoRhythm that uses your brain waves to help your mind and body recover and rejuvenate faster.”

Reviews generally focus on improvements in sleep and relaxation, which are two areas that many have problems with on a daily basis. After over a week of regular use, many report dramatic improvement of focus, sleep habits, and ability to relax and meditate on a deeper level. It is characterized as a simple gadget that can be implemented as part of a daily routine. Users also recommend this device to those who have trouble with mood and energy.

The wearable device comes in a NeoRhythm Single Pack or a Duo Pack – the Single Pack being $309
after discounts and the Duo Pack being $529 after discounts.
Buyers can also pay in 4 installments at $77/month. You won’t need to worry about additional costs with free lifetime software updates and new features.

Ease of Use
This sleek device is the only wearable piece of technology with intuitive gesture control and a multi-coil structure. It uses scientifically-validated and safe PEMF technology and is suitable for most to use. However, those with epilepsy, Graves’ disease, active bleeding, organ transplants, who are under 18, with breast implants, and pacemakers and the like, as well as women with IUDs, should refrain from using NeoRhythm.

Features/Accessories provided
The device uses a wellness practice called Brainwave Entrainment to dictate different modes in the brain relating to relaxation, energy, and rest, as well as pain relief. Multiple stimulation frequencies work together to achieve different goals depending on the user. The device comes with the NeoRhythm headband, a test tube with magnet, a special bag, charging dock, hard reset tool, micro USB, adjustment kit, and a user manual.

Delivery/Customer Service
Omnipemf offers free shipping worldwide and both a 60-day money back guarantee and 24 month guarantee. The product needs to be sent back in as-new condition with all the accessories included, and you’ll get refunded in 4-5 days after the product arrives.



  • Stylish and modern headband
  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Tried and tested elevated technology


  • Pricey
  • More focus on sleep, focus, and pain control than mood

About Omnipemf
OmniPEMF chooses to harness the power of PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) to create innovative wellness devices for professional and home use. Their technology aims to improve the quality of life of many under the guidance of science. User experience is clearly one of their main priorities by providing the world’s first smart headband with gesture controls.

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Address: 450 7th Avenue Suite 2710 New York, New York, 10123, United States

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