The Brain Stimulator – v3.0 Review

The Brain Stimulator v3.0 is a revamped tDCS device kit that includes the option of a basic, advanced, and deluxe kit.

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Customer Reviews
Many customers report positive changes in mood, mental acuity, and focus after using The Brain Stimulator. Several note the safety features that are included 

“With the unit on I immediately became focused on the work I was doing, and felt I was steamrollering through it. I would normally become distracted or disheartened when hitting a problem. With the unit on, I found I was just working straight through with momentum, solving problems as I went. This was very different from how I normally work.”

The deluxe Brain Stimulator v3.0 device kit is priced at $169.95-179.95, and includes more additional accessories than most other kits on the market, making it worth the cost for even the basic and advanced kits.

Ease of Use
The Brain Stimulator v3.0 uses a standard 9-volt battery but also offers the option to operate at a full 12-volts. It is additionally programmed to produce accurate current during all sessions regardless of electrode montage placement. An integrated 30-minute session timer lowers output current and turns off the device after the time limit is reached. 3 tactile push buttons and 5 indicator LEDs make for an easy experience as well. Safety features such as over-current protection and over-voltage protection ensure user safety.

Features/Accessories provided
In the deluxe Brain Stimulator package, the package includes the device, a gold-plated sponge electrode cable, an electrode positioning headband, an electrode positioning headband, a saline solution applicator bottle, a Procell 9v battery, and a large soft drawstring carry pouch, and professional 3×3” Amrex sponge electrodes. The constant voltage system allows the device to continuously operate at 12-volts that helps to keep the device’s effectiveness.

Delivery/Customer Service
All purchases from The Brain Stimulator are covered by a 30-Day Return Policy and protected with a 1-Year Warranty. There are several ways to contact the company, and their professionalism has rated them #1 in the industry for customer service.


  • Advanced safety features
  • Affordable
  • Abundance of features to promote ease of use


  • No visual indicator for time

About The Brain Stimulator
The Brain Stimulator stemmed from the grassroots DIY tDCS movement, when commercially available tDCS products were scarce. From a small operation at a dining room table into a mini manufacturing facility, The Brain Stimulator has truly advanced in the field.

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