Go Flow 4 tDCS Brain Stimulator Review

Foc.us’ Go Flow 4 claims to be one of the most powerful tDCS devices available on the market today.

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Customer Reviews
General customer reviews comment on the convenience of the package and its good quality. It is rated 5 stars on average.

The Go Flow is an excellent re-implementation of tDCS in a simple, affordable package that could probably boast to be the smallest device of its kind on the market.”

This tDCS device costs $244, which is higher than a few of the devices on this list. Despite the compact size and ease-of-use qualities, it is still an expensive piece of technology seeing as it does not come with traditionally preferable tDCS features such as a visual screen. However, if you’re simply looking for simplicity and immense portability, this device is worth the cost.

Ease of Use
The Go Flow 4 is one of the smallest devices on the market, which allows users to use this stimulator anywhere at any time. With the most accurate current control circuitry and dual current over-lock safety systems, this clean signal is definitely a major player in its ease-of-use qualities. Changing the current is also seamless during an active session, with automatic ramping on session start and stop.

Features/Accessories provided
Very minimal device that comes with 4 electrodes (for multi-focal capabilities), a sponge, the device itself. There is no app required. It also includes a 0.75Hz sotDCS mode with a slow oscillating transcranial Direct Current Stimulation. Additionally, the device supports sports stimulation montages and claims to have shown to increase the length and power of slow-wave spindles during sleep time.

Delivery/Customer Service
Despite many customers saying that there are no instructions included with the Go Flow 4, foc.us provides an online instruction manual for all their products on their website. They additionally provide a glossary, a contact us form, and a FAQ help section. Foc.us also has Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram in terms of social media. There is a flat rate fee of $9 for shipping for purchasing products.


  • Good quality
  • Extremely compact
  • Minimalist, simplistic device
  • Positive results for depression and anxiety


  • Poor instructional direction
  • Little to no information included with the product

About foc.us
foc.us makes tDCS stimulators, and goes by the motto “take charge”. They use the most advanced waveforms in the tDCS world such as tACS, so-tDCS. The company focuses on Neuroscience Tech Gear, and sells innovative brain stimulators such as the foc.us gamer headset, the foc.us V1 – V3, and of course, the ever-so-compact Go Flow 4.

Company ID

website: foc.us 

Email: help@foc.us


Address: 133 Pancras Road, London. NW1 1UN

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