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The 1×1 tDCS Device is an Industry Standard Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation. It has been used in clinical trials and offers a variety of exclusive features.

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Customer Reviews
Deemed the gold standard in tDCS devices despite its price. The device is said to be extremely well-built and has accurate current output.

“Soterix is the gold standard in tDCS devices. We are using the device for our study and the team at Caputron has been very helpful in helping us get the necessary tools to be able to run our trial.”

Cost $159.99 / Varies
Unsure. Soterix is private about the costs of the product and requires a request of a price quote. This could be because the device is industry standard, and is professionally used in clinical trials.

Ease of Use
The easy reproducible set-up is complimented by exclusive features such as the Smartscan, providing a continuous visual indication of electrode quality during and before stimulation, a clear indication of true current, a tickle option to prime the skin prior to a tDCS session, a Relax function to slowly decrease current, and Auto Sham, which automatically calculates and provides a sham waveform based on the real waveform. These very special features are not available on any other tDCS device on the market.

Features/Accessories provided
The Soterix 1×1 tDCS Device provides an elaborate and clean panel that includes a time remaining screen, a TRUE current back-lit display, a clear indication of electrode contact quality, and buttons and switches for the SHAM, RELAX, and TICKLE features described above. The device also has compatibility with monitoring technology.

Delivery/Customer Service
Soterix provides a YouTube channel, Twitter and Linkedin, as well as an email and physical address. However, due to the exclusivity of Soterix’s products, they do not provide any open information about shipping. Contact the company for more information.


  • Requires physician supervision that promotes proper use
  • Two separate devices for separate conditions: depression/chronic pain
  • Used in clinical/research setting


  • Requires a prescription – limited to researchers/medical doctors
  • Not approved in the US or Canada

About Soterix Medical
Soterix Medical was developed to deploy innovative medical treatments focused on neurological disorders and rehabilitation. Their high status in the industry, along with their phase I, II, IIb, and III trials ensure that they stay the world leader in clinical trials for non-invasive neuromodulation.

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Phone: +1 888-990-8327

Address: 1480 U.S. 9N, WOODBRIDGE, NJ 07095

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