The PlatoWork brain stimulator

The PlatoWork brain stimulator is a novel tDCS device that is currently in the production stage. This device was funded for on Indiegogo, raising a whopping $75,522 USD, 343% of the flexible initial goal. It’s primary goal is to unleash the “full potential of your brain”, encouraging learning, creativity, concentration, and thinking.

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Customer Reviews
General customer reviews comment on output/performance at work, focus, and mental energy.

“In my work, I am faced with challenges involving high complexity projects in a very dynamic environment. PlatoWork can help with focus and stress reduction. Furthermore, our industry demands innovation and creativity to be able to stay ahead – and PlatoWork offers technology to help generate creative ideas.” – Ljiljana Harding, Project Management Office Director at Pfizer

This tDCS device costs $429. You can also purchase a package of four for $945 at the moment (originally $1350). This device is priced similarly to those out on the market that target clinical settings and professionals, but for such a new and innovative addition to tDCS devices, it is certainly worth the price.

Ease of Use
The PlatoWork device is a headset that is seamless to use, designed to make tDCS neurostimulation accessible and simple for everyone. This device is completely different from all other devices on the market – being a plug n’ play device with an app, and with all features and accessories built into the headset itself. No need for pesky electrodes, confusing readings and dials – the device is modern, and has a highly visual and engaging free app to help truly understand readings.

Features/Accessories provided
The uniqueness in the PlatoWork headset lies in the fact that all features and accessories are accessible built into the headset or on the app, there’s no need for a huge bundle of separate tools and knick-knacks to aid in your brain stimulation experience – just the headset, the app, and some sponges. All you need to do is use the app to select your mode and the app will stimulate the relevant regions of your brain while you continue going about your day. The quick start guide is also a great help when first using the device.

Delivery/Customer Service
There is a quick start manual included with a purchase of the headset, as well as further reading material available on Indiegogo. They have an extensive FAQ, a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, a 14-day money back guarantee, and their own website with a phone number, a physical address (in Denmark), and an email. Delivery of the product is said to be estimated in June, but that is simply because the devices are still in the production phase.


  • Comes with a free app
  • Seamless and easy-to-use
  • Extensive information


  • Slightly expensive for the average person

About PlatoWork
PlatoWork is a company started by a product designer and neurobiologist, who had the vision of enhancing cognitive performance and the “gratifying experience of using your brain the way it was intended. They seek to use neurostimulation to take charge of the brain, and have it act as a tool for monotasking and focusing. They named PlatoWork after Plato – one of the greatest thinkers of all time.

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Phone: (+45) 65 74 64 10

Address: PlatoScience ApS Republikken Vesterbrogade 26 1620 Copenhagen V , Denmark 

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