Omni Stimulator Review

The Omni Stimulator is a simple, cost-effective tDCS device with a 5-year warranty.

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Customer Reviews
Customer reviews focus on the outcomes of using the Omni Stimulator tDCS device. Most reviews report improvement in cognitive processes such as memory, and increase of a sense of calm.

“It’s been a week and I can already see a cognitive improvement including mood and memory. This device will put you on the right track if you want to enhance your mind! If you have any queries their customers service is super fast. If I had to rate their service and the unit I’d give both a 10/10”

Cost $169
one of the most affordable devices on the market.

Ease of Use
The Omni Stimulator comes with complete step-by-step instructions that includes 5 simple steps for a successful tDCS device. Safety features such as the voltage regulation system helps safeguard against inaccurate readings, and the Omni Sponge Electrodes helps promote a secure connection, ensuring that the user has a successful experience.

Features/Accessories provided
Comes with an additional software program. In terms of the actual device kit, it comes with two sponges, cables, and a headband. However, the device is limited to one single knob to control voltage. It does not come with a visual screen, battery life indicator, nor timer.

Delivery/Customer Service
Omni Stimulator provides an array of ways to contact the company. They promote their 1 business day shipping, 1 year Guarantee on the product, 7-day customer support, and lengthy 5-year warranty, which demonstrates the company’s value placed on customer satisfaction.


  • Comes with a free “mind-enhancing vocabulary and memory-improving software
  • 5-year warranty
  • Cost-effective


  • Only uses one 9-V battery – may be difficult to reach adequate stimulation level

About Omni Stimulator
For over two years, Omni Stimulator has researched how to make cost-effective tDCS devices –and succeeded. Their tDCS device aims to enhance users’ lives, think sharper, increase focus, and enhance their creativity.

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