LIFTiD Neurostimulation Review

The LIFTiD brain stimulator is a new tDCS device on the market for recreational use. This device seeks to help individuals with their daily tasks – studying for an exam, concentrating on a task, preparing for a performance. It’s primary goal is to ‘elevate performance’ and encourage people to replace regularly used substances like sugar, caffeine, and energy supplements with tDCS. Just one 20-minute session per day is recommended with the LIFTiD stimulator.

Features/Accessories Provided:
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Customer Reviews
Because it was released mid-August of 2019, there are no reviews of this tDCS device yet.

Cost $159
This device is priced similarly to those out on the market that target individuals, and for such a new and innovative addition to tDCS devices, it is certainly worth the price.

Ease of Use
The LIFTiD device is seamless to use. Individuals simply have to prepare a salt water solution with the accessories, dampen the sponges for the session, and wear the device for 20 minutes. With detailed instructions, the device can be effectively used by anyone. Unlike classic tDCS devices, there are no electrodes, other wiring, or readings that need to be taken care of, thus, reducing the work needed for the individual to do when starting a session. They heavily market their Super Simple Setup with their automatic 20-minute timer.

Features/Accessories provided
The LIFTiD has utilized the new and seamless headset/headband-style design that many modern tDCS devices are using nowadays. It is a lightweight and modern headband/headset that is deemed ‘lightweight’ and ‘fashionable’. LIFTiD seems to talk a lot about the device’s aesthetics, ease of use, and benefits of tDCS, allowing the average joe to feel more comfortable using this tDCS device. The company also provides an extensive manual that helps you set up, fit the band on the forehead, and has information on beginning a session, troubleshooting, and more. The starter kit includes the device, 6 sponges, a headband placement mirror, a charging cable, a plastic bottle and spoon, as well as a storage bag with user manual.

Delivery/Customer Service
There is a quick start manual included with a purchase of the device, as well as further reading material available on their website They have a small FAQ section on their website that talks about what tDCS is and who can use LIFTiD, as well as information on tDCS’ safety as well as instructional videos to complement the instructions for use on their site. They have their own website with a phone number, a physical address in New York, a fill-out contact box, and an email. There is a 1 year warranty provided. There is free shipping available for those in the continental US, but those who reside outside of the US will need to pay fees for duties and shipping.


  • Plenty of features with an extensive manual
  • Great ease-of-use
  • Useful and comprehensive starter kit


  • Can induce placebo effect as there is no visuals that tell the user what’s going on

About LIFTiD
LIFTiD seeks to be at the forefront of tDCS technology for working professionals, college students, musicians, athletes, and gamers. The company has chosen to use tDCS technology because of its wide range of well-researched benefits, and its ability to focus, maximize attention, and increase alertness and memory.

LIFTiD Neurostimulation was also featured on the popular ABC show “Shark Tank” in November 2020, raising national awareness of the benefits of tDCS backed by scientific studies and reputable medical experts. Although they “may not have gotten any bites from the sharks (the investors on the show),” Ken Davidov (founder of the device) was grateful for the opportunity to share the device and tDCS on a big platform.

Especially during the current times with the complications of COVID-19, tDCS devices can provide a sophisticated experience, helping increase attention and focus on tasks when distractions are overwhelming.

In terms of the market, the appearance may have enticed investors to consider tDCS technology and its positive impact on consumers.

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