Muse 2 Headband Review

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The Muse 2 is a multi-sensor wearable headband that provides the opportunity to build consistent meditation practice. Gain feedback on your brainwave feedback (EEG) to understand your focus, tune into your heart rate, become aware of your body, and learn how to actively use your breath. This simple device offers relaxation and tuning into a deeper state, all in one.

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Customer Reviews
There are quite a few customer reviews, some negative and some positive.
User: “I’ve been using Muse since September of 2014. I tried to meditate for years, but never quite knew if I was making progress or not. That uncertainty changed with Muse. Now, using Muse I have feedback for each session of meditation, and I’ve learned how to become increasingly more focused and calm.”

Mashable: “Is all of this worth $250? Your mileage may vary, but to my mind (no pun intended) it absolutely is.
Both Headspace and Calm offer lifetime subscriptions for $299, and they don’t give you usable data on your meditation practice.”

Reviews generally focus on its ability to cultivate calm, help with meditation, and help with stress management. They also comment on the ability to track progress and learn about your brain and body in order to progress further.

The Muse 2 costs $249.99.
You can even purchase a 1 year guided meditation subscription for $48.99 and a Muse 2 Case for $29.99 with discounts applied.

Ease of Use
This device is a thin headband that is simple and sleek. At first glance, it looks like it could be made more comfortable for wear. By putting the headband on and pairing it with the app, you gain access to a whole host of features such as translation of your mental activity into the guiding sounds of weather, synchronization of your heartbeat to a soundscape, building awareness of your posture, and guided meditation through the app. It offers a familiar sort of experience with the bluetooth pairing and use of an app.ֿ

Features/Accessories provided
The Muse 2 is a sleek and modern headband that acts as a multi-sensor meditation device.
Using award-winning biofeedback, it provides the user real-time feedback on your brain activity, breathing, body movements, and heart rate to help you practice meditation consistently and well. The device allows you to translate your brain activity and transport yourself into a new landscape through Muse’s immerse soundscapes that put you in a calm, neutral, or active state.

Delivery/Customer Service
At first glance, Muse doesn’t have a page detailing their delivery policy, but they have recently made their products available worldwide. Simply type in your address and details at checkout and shipping costs will be calculated based on your location (some areas have free 1-2 day shipping). In terms of customer service, they have a Facebook, a YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn if you have any queries or want to see the devices in action. Their devices offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee and a 365-day warranty but they aren’t known to be overly responsive when it comes to service.


  • Modern and sleek padded headband
  • Additional app to pair with the headband
  • Innovative technology


  • Could be made more comfortable for long-term wear
  • Users report some technological issues
  • Lack of customer service and relationship

About Muse
Muse is a startup organisation that values a higher purpose. They are committed to brain health, mindfulness, and truly making a difference. Combining innovation and technology, they seek to create an unbeatable mindfulness and meditation experience at home.

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Address: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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