Sooma tDCS Review

Sooma has certainly established themselves as a major player in the tDCS scene. Their tDCS solution was successfully used in the first-ever at-home, placebo-controlled study in 2016. Fast forward a few years later to 2023 – Sooma receives FDA breakthrough designation.

This review will give you a rundown of Sooma’s tDCS device so you can learn all about it.

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About Sooma

Sooma is short for “Sooma Oy.” The company was established in Finland in 2013 and has worked with experts in clinical neurophysiology and psychiatry since the beginning. What sets them apart from other companies isn’t just their long list of approvals in the medical device world, but also their treatment solutions. These include Sooma Pain Therapy for chronic pain and Sooma Depression Therapy for Major Depressive Disorder.

About the Device

The common thread between their treatment solutions is the Sooma tDCS device, something they call a “complete therapy solution.” It’s made to foster treatment of Chronic Neuropathic pain, Fibromyalgia, and Major Depressive Disorder at home, but it has also been used widely for clinical and research purposes.

In terms of how it looks and how to use it, the wearable part looks a bit like a swim cap. It’s easy to wear whilst the patient performs their usual daily activities, and the actual device is small and compact with limited buttons.

Unfortunately, unlike other tDCS devices, this isn’t one you can just up and order online. It’s currently restricted for use by researchers and medical doctors. What makes this neuromodulation device so intriguing is that it allows medical professionals to simply log in to their web browser and check up on their patients remotely.
If you’re interested in getting tDCS treatment with Sooma, you can ask your physician about it or find a clinic that uses the device.


Now, let’s go through some of the features of the device.

  • Stimulation dose control: As the dose of the electrical current itself is one of the most important aspects of a tDCS, Sooma makes sure the stimulator has enough power to pass through layers of skin and hair. The device also uses user-replaceable batteries over a chargeable battery, which extends the life of the device.
  • Electrode accuracy: Another key aspect of tDCS treatment is where the electrodes are placed. tDCS provides current that spreads to large areas of the brain where the electrodes are. Sooma’s head caps have pre-configured placements, which means no struggling with pesky sponges or worrying whether you’ve done it right. The size of the electrodes is also designed for precision for best results.
  • Easy home usage: And, of course, overall, treatment needs to be seamless. Because the device is used in clinical settings and at home, the company has made sure that going back and forth between these environments is easy. For example, the device knows how many sessions were completed by the patient and ensures that the right protocol was used. These automatic safeguards are perfect for clinicians who want detailed information on progression and adherence.

Cost and Delivery

Let’s just say the price is steep. At $2,999, it’s not the most affordable device, but keep in mind it’s for professional use and that the device is optimized for use in clinical routines. It’s a state-of-the-art product that adds that extra dimension to treatment – keeping that communication transparent between patient and professional. Because it’s not available to the public, we aren’t clear about delivery options or timing. If you’re a medical professional or researcher, you can contact Sooma to find out more.

Final Verdict

Sooma sounds great, and a lot more advanced than many devices on the market for commercial use. The fact that it is tailor-made for both clinical use and for the patient to bring home is a huge game-changer in the tDCS space. The company has clearly taken neurostimulation a step up by honing in on precision, patient ease of use, and dose control.
With Sooma tDCS, the future looks bright for those suffering from depression and chronic pain – two areas that heavily affect the human population.

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