Caputron – ActivaDose tDCS Starter Kit Review

The Caputron ActivaDose tDCS Starter Kit is the only FDA cleared device available for tDCS. It is recommended by physicians and universities as a medical grade device (If you decide to purchase it, make sure to put in this coupon code for a discount: TDCSDEVICES).

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Customer Reviews
Customers comment on the stark differences between the ActivaDose medical grade build and other tDCS products. Users report positive results for depression, concentration, meditation, and brain damage.

“It works well for my son’s treatment of the residual effects of the stroke he had, caused by pneumoccocal meningitis. He is speedily progressing in regaining his working/short term memory, & reducing the expressive & receptive aphasia. He is very happy with the results from this treatment. I like the size 3 x 3 for it covers more areas of his brain. Excellent device!”

Cost: $449
At $449.00, this device is one of the costliest on the market. However, due to its medical grade quality and approval by the Institutional Review Boards for tDCS trials, it has been proven to be effective in numerous situations.

Ease of Use
The ActivaDose tDCS starter kit includes a display and battery life monitor that promotes visual quality of the device, as well as an important built-in timer. It is light weight and portable, being one of the lightest on the market today at 0.53 lbs. The head strap also holds measurement markers, a feature that most devices don’t have – this improves accuracy on stimulation location.

Features/Accessories provided
The display feature indicates time, current, and dose, the battery life monitor indicates when the battery needs replacing, and the automatic current ramp-up and down feature provides maximum comfort.
Unlike other common devices, the Activadose continually monitors electrode contact quality, and applies real-time voltage adjustment based on skin impedance to make sure current delivery is extremely accurate

Delivery/Customer Service
Customer service is extremely professional and informative. Delivery is also said to be fast and accurate in relation to the estimated arrival date. Each device is thoroughly test and calibrated before being shipped out in order to assure accurate and precise current delivery.


  • Medical grade device
  • FDA cleared
  • High quality product


  • Device is expensive

About Caputron
Headquartered in New York City, Caputron is a leading worldwide distributor of clinical and research neurostimulation technology. Their attention to detail through engineers, researchers, and scientists ensure high-quality products that meet the requirements of the customer.
Caputron’s innovative products have been used in hundreds of research publications.

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Phone: (646) 926 3646

Address: 215 West 125th Street, 4th Floor, New York NY, 10027, US

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