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What Neurostimulation Treatment Helps To Deal With Chronic Pain?

We all know for a fact that our brain controls every process of our body. The unhealthy or improper functioning of the brain can result in many disorders that can damage basic bodily functions, according to this Alzheimers care center in Los Angeles County.

We can feel it only when the brain sends signals to our body, whether it’s physical or emotional pain. Different pains require different treatments since it’s a sensations no one wants to live with. When any physical pain happens persistently for six or more months, it is called chronic pain, and if it remains untreated, it can make your life miserable.

What is Neurostimulation Treatment?

Many people suffer from chronic pain; some can find comfort with surgery, physical therapy, or medication, while experts often suggest that others opt for Neurostimulation treatment. As the name suggests, this treatment includes implantable Neurostimulation devices that hinder the transmission of signals sent from the spinal cord and peripheral nerves through electrical pulses before they reach to brain. Neurostimulation therapy for chronic pain has worked like a charm for many patients and has gained a lot of popularity due to its tremendous success rate.

Which Neurostimulation Treatment deals with Chronic Pain?

Here are the types of Neurostimulation therapy for chronic back pain and other areas of the body that healthcare experts highly recommend:

Spinal Cord Stimulation

This technique of Neurostimulation therapy emerged as inspiration from the ‘Gate control theory of pain’ back in 1967 and has grown in popularity since then. SCS uses two wires with electrodes that are placed in the epidural space. There is a small pulse generator under the skin connected to these wires. The parameters of stimulations can be controlled manually through hand using the controller.

The pulses generated during SCS disrupt both physical and emotional pain by activating medial and lateral pain pathways via signal creation. This technique is found to be super helpful for people with chronic lower back pain and has abolished the need to use a cane or stick for walking. Further technological advancements will undoubtedly make this technique more feasible and effective.

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

The peripheral nerve stimulation technique was first tested in 1999 and is found to be helpful for relieving chronic pain in different areas of the body, i.e., abdomen, cardiac region, facial pain, or even headaches. PNS strictly targets the peripheral nerves that connect our body to the spinal cord to disrupt the pain signals and stimulate healthy signals to provide comfort to the patient.

Due to its complexity, the PNS technique is often used for the short term. The placement of lead is highly crucial since it can also stimulate the pain signal if installed wrongly. The lead should be near the peripheral nerve but not attached or close to it. Patients are expected to find improvement after two months of device installation.

What are the Benefits of Neurostimulators?

The devices used for Neurostimulation treatments are known as Neurostimulators. Here is how helpful they are:

  • Replacing the pain signal with a soothing sensation.
  • Enabling people to walk, sit and stand for a longer time.
  • It can be removed anytime when needed.
  • The patients need little recovery time.
  • Eliminating the need for oral medication.
  • The effectiveness of therapy can be checked six to four days after its placement.


The effectiveness of treatment also depends upon the physicians. Before consulting any, make sure they are experienced in their line of supposed expertise. The correct diagnosis and placement of Neurostimulators are crucial for enabling pain relief.

If Neurostimulation therapies are done correctly, they can bring a breath of fresh air to those struggling with chronic pain for years. Further advancements in the bioelectric domain will surely increase the quality of treatment and its benefits. 

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